LensPen Lens Cleaner

  • Cleans Lenses, Eyepieces, Scopes, & More
  • Concave Cleaning Tip for Better Fit
  • Retractable Dust-Removal Brush
  • Long-Lasting Non-Liquid Cleaning Element
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Designed for cleaning of camera lenses and other optical item
  • The cleaning tip has a slightly concave shape for a better fit
  • A retractable dust-removal brush is built in
  • Its non-liquid carbon cleaning compound won’t spill or dry out
  • It’s safe to use and environmentally friendly

50.00 EGP

For wiping away dust and occasional smudges and fingerprints on a digital camera lens and viewfinder,

many photographers use a pen-like cleaning system.

Lens cleaning pens are effective, easy-to-use and fit conveniently into most camera bags or a shirt pocket.

Lens pens, which are available in a few sizes and in kits,

typically have a retractable brush on one end to brush away dust and particles of dirt.

Removing the cap from the other end of the lens pen reveals a circular pad.

The pad, made of natural chamois, is embedded with a non-liquid compound that very effectively removes smudges and smears.

The cleaning element never dries out and is safe to use

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