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Zhiyun Smooth-Q4 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer


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غير متوفر في المخزون



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Brand-new Look for Better Grip and Easy Packing


With the ergonomic design and surface, the gimbal feels just great in your hand.





Exquisite silicone surface with smooth edges to elevate your user experience.

For Your Smooth & Stable Creation

The 9th generation of algorithm system by ZHIYUN takes the smartphone shooting to another level with the cinematic stabilization experience.

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Light Up Your Vision, Magnetically

A double-side magnetic fill light offers you a quick and easy way to light up your charm. Always be the center of the spotlight with the right lighting even in the darkness. 5500K standard color temperature level with four-level adjustable brightness provided.

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Extendable Design. For More Unique Shots

With a 215mm extendable rod built in, SMOOTH-Q4 allows you to shoot at various angles from a wider background. Enrich your adventure along with Q4 in a new vision.

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Foldable in New Ways. Feels Better in All Ways

Compact enough to fit in your pocket. Simply fold or unfold the gimbal in a split second, and you’re ready for the shoot on the go.

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Multi-Functional Control Wheel. For A Seamless Control

One-hand operation becomes simpler with the multi-functional control wheel. Simply press to adjust the brightness and scroll to adjust the focal length just at your fingertips.

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An Intuitive Control Panel. Seeing is Controlling

See and switch between different shooting modes with the most intuitive indicators and a well-organized control panel. Everything is within seeing and controlling just at your fingertips.

Landscape & Portrait Switch

An easy step to switch between Landscape and Portrait Mode to shoot better in different settings.

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Intelligent Shooting Modes. Fulfill All Your Imaginations

SmartShooting will identify your current shooting scenario and it will guide you to create a masterpiece automatically. You can also pick by yourself to create your best work.

Gesture Control

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MagicClone Pano

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