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Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 Bi-Color LED Light Wand Combo Kit


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  • Zhiyun FIVERAY V60
  • Light with Barndoors, Diffuser & Grid
  • Output: 1730 Lux at 3.3′ (5500K)
  • 2700-6500K CCT
  • Onboard Control

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1 in stock


Zhiyun FIVERAY V60

Designed to illuminate every shot with ease and efficiency, the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 Bi-Color LED Light Wand Combo Kit from Zhiyun packs a black, 1.4′ long fixture combined with a variety of light shaping tools. This kit includes barndoors, a diffuser, and a grid to help you create numerous lighting setups for multiple scenarios. Highly portable and versatile, the V60 features a variable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K to match existing fixtures or explore your creative potential. For fine-tuning the light’s output, 0 to 100% continuous dimming is available. Its intuitive knobs and screen allow you to quickly toggle between different settings with no complications. Meant to be handheld, the V60 is a lightweight, multifeatured light source that fits just about anywhere.

Combo Kit
Spark your creativity with an assembly of essential modifiers: barndoors, a diffuser, and a grid. This kit includes common lighting accessories for further control of the V60. The included barndoors are especially valuable for selective lighting to illuminate only the areas of your subject that you want to. If you need a soft, flattering quality of light, a white diffuser is supplied. To complete the kit, the included grid narrows the beam spread, adding yet another means of control that also limits light spill.
Portable, Versatile Wand
Ideal for various photo and video applications, the V60 offers flexibility with different power options. The light is powered by a built-in battery, which is rechargeable via the USB-C port. The battery will give you 24 minutes of runtime at full power and much longer at partial power. In addition, the included power adapter allows you to charge the light while in use. Zhiyun conveniently includes a USB-C cable and a storage bag so you can take it wherever you go.
MAX Mode Output
The V60 emits 1730 lux at 3.3′ (5500K) with its standard 60W power. If you need an extra boost of light, simply switch to the MAX Mode for an instant power surge of up to 100W. After that, the light can reach up to 2470 lux. To activate the MAX Mode, the light should be connected to an AC power outlet.
Color Accuracy
With a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 98, this wand ensures fidelity and accuracy of color to give you outstanding, detailed shots.
Effects and Music Mode
There are six creative lighting effects, including SOS, fire, TV, flash, faulty bulb, and candle. Another feature is the light’s Music Mode which enables you to match the beat of the music, creating a special atmosphere.
Cooling System
The fluid dynamic-based DynaVort Cooling System prevents overheating, raising the cooling efficiency by enhancing the airflow emission with greater control. It includes heat sinks and six fans for efficient cooling performance.
The fixture has a 1/4″-20 mounting thread hole which works on a variety of stands and grips.
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