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Viltrox Nikon NF-Z Adapter F-Mount Lens to Z-Mount Camera


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Key Features
High Speed Auto Focus
EXIF Transmission
VR Lens Stabilization Support
USB Type-C Port for Firmware Updates
Viltrox Nikon NF-Z Adapter

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2 in stock


Viltrox Nikon NF-ZViltrox Nikon NF-Z Adapter

The Nikon F-Mount Lens to Z-Mount Camera Adapter from Viltrox expands your lens options by supporting the wide range of F-mount lenses available from Nikon. The adapter lets you attach F-mount lenses to Z-mount cameras such as the Nikon Z7 II. Featuring a motor-driven iris and a gear box, the adapter supports high speed auto focus. It also supports Exif transmission and VR lens stabilization.

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