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Viltrox EF-GFX Pro Canon EF/EF-S Lens to FUJIFILM G-Mount Camera Adapter


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Key Features
Built-In Aperture Ring
Brass Metal Bayonet
Viltrox EF-GFX Pro Canon EF/EF-S

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1 in stock


Viltrox EF-GFX Pro Canon EF/EF-S

The Viltrox EF-GFX Pro allows you to attach Canon EF/EF-S-mount lenses to FUJIFILM G-mount cameras with full electronic communication. An upgraded version of the original Viltrox EF-GFX adapter, the EF-GFX Pro adds an aperture ring, supports stabilization, and allows you to change focus mode from auto to manual. Autofocus is also faster and more stable. The firmware update port has also been changed from micro-USB to USB-C. Additionally, after power is turned off, the previous settings can be saved on the EF-GFX Pro.

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