Ring Flash Speedlite Diffuser Softbox Light


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Easy fold design, ring-shaped when unfolded.
Softbox front designed with diffuser, the internal with reflective materials
The top reserved an opening for flash unit with width adjustable.
Skeleton made of magnetic iron pipe, easy to fold and easy to carry.
Maximum diameter: 45cm (18″).
Inner diameter is 5.5inch/18cm.
Thickness is 6inch/ 15cm.
Weight: Approx 220g

199.00 EGP 300.00 EGP

Out of stock

Macro Ring Flash Softbox is a unique light modifier for your Canon or Nikon speedlight.
The round front face of the diffuser creates a large soft box area designed to eliminate shadows on your subject.
Turn any speed light into a ring flash! This round flash creates attractive round-shaped catch lights into the eyes of your model.
Easy magnetic snaps help keep the shape of the softbox. Simply pop out the ring to set up, and fold away to take down for use in studio or on location.
The huge dimensions gives a very even and soft light. There are no hotspots or dark areas on the front surface.
The diffuser together with your speedlight are the perfect soft &round light source.
A particularly simple folding mechanism and an perfectly even and circular illumination.
Simply pop out the ring to set up, and fold away to take down for easy use in studio or on location.

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