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Nanlite PJ-BM-19 / 36


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Key Features

36° / 19° Lens or Brightness/Tight Spaces
Increases Forza 500 Brightness by 266%
Flight Case and Accessories Included


Nanlite Projection Attachment for Bowens Overview

The Nanlite Projection Attachment for Bowens Mount with 36° / 19° Lens allows you to achieve complex and bold lighting effects using lights that have a Bowens mount, such as the Nanlite FS Series and larger Forza monolights. The Projection Attachment dramatically increases the output of the light you use it with. For example, the Forza 500 is over 266% brighter when this 36° version attachment is used. Included with the attachment are an array of highly creative light-shaping tools: a focusable lens, internal shutters, gel inserts, and gobos. It also supports an optional adjustable iris.

Accurate and Precise Optics
The light quality emitted by the Projection Attachment is accurate and precise. Non-curved lenses are utilized to eliminate aberration and minimize distortion, while optical coating improves transmittance and color temperature accuracy.
Durably Built and Ready to Fly
The Projection Attachment is constructed with an aluminum body. A flight case is included that has space for all the included accessories: the gel frame, gobo frame, gobos, and more. 

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