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Nanlite 60x90cm Rectangle Softbox


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Key Features

  • Diffusion Panel and Carry Bag Included


Nanlite SB-RT-90X60 Overview :

The 35 x 24″ Rectangular Softbox with Bowens Mount from Nanlite casts a soft light on your subject and adds directional control. It’s similar to the size and shape of most windows, so it can be used to realistically mimic window light. The rectangular shape makes it a suitable choice for key or fill lights, and the 35 x 24″ size makes it useful for small and large sets.

Compatible Nanlite lights with a matching Bowens mount include the FS-150, FS-200, FS-300, and Forza 200, 300, 300B, and 500. A custom-fitted diffusion panel is included with the softbox, and the interior has a reflective silver color that intensifies the output of your light. A carry bag is also included. 

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