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Godox Witstro AR400 400W Ring Flash


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Godox AR400
Battery: AR-B4500 11.1V/4500mA Li-ion battery
Max Power(Ws): 400Ws
Guide Number(m ISO 100): 36
Full Power Flashes(1/1): Approx.450 times
M/S1/S2 Mode: 1/128~1/1
RPT Mode: 1/128~1/4
High-Speed Sync: 1/32~1/1
Recycle Time: 0.05~2.8s
Color Temperature: 5600K±200K
Flash Duration 1/300s-1/10000s
Triggering Method: 3.5mm/PC sync cord jack, Slave triggering, Test button, Wireless control port
100% LED Brightness(LUX): 440(0.5m)
Dimension: 22.5237cm
Net Weight: Approx.1.4kg


5.500,00 EGP 7.000,00 EGP

Out of stock

  • A Ring Flash to Achive Shadow-Free Illumination. A Brightness Adjustable LED Video Light(3 Steps). An Lightweight Powerful outdoor flash.
  • 400W strong power and 22 steps of power control (1/1~1/128), supports S1/S2 slave triggering, RPT stroboscopic flash, high-speed sync, etc.
  • 4500mAh professional lithium battery provides over 450 times power output and 0.05-2.8s recycle time.
  • You can also purchase the FT-16 wireless flash trigger to control the flash’s power output and Flash Triggering.
  • Equipped with folding light bracket, umbrella bracket, diffusion cover, etc. Easy to be installed and detached, which is helpful for achieving creative light effects.
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