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Godox S30 LED 3 Kit


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Godox S30 LED 3 Kit

Godox S30 LED
The S30 LED Focusing LED Light from Godox is a lightweight, versatile source with light intensity, beam spread, and power options. The output can be further controlled by swinging one or more leaves of the 8-way Barndoors into the beam path to facilitate selective lighting.

The light can be controlled by tilting one or more eight-way doors to facilitate selective lighting. The S30 is also dimmable from 10 to 100% to save you the trouble of jockeying it back and forth for the desired light intensity.

The S30 has a constant color temperature of 5600K with a high CRI / TLCI of 96, which indicates impressive accuracy in color reproduction. The S30 is ready for worldwide use with the included AC adapter, but will also run on a separately purchased NP-F battery when AC power is unavailable, or an optional power bank via USB cable.

The focusing LED light S30 is a suitable light source for video lighting, interviewing, headshot, still life photography, portrait, wedding photography, and also a good choice for enthusiasts who want creative lighting etc.

Full kit
The set includes bags that can accommodate the entire set of lamps together with accessories and light stands.

Projection Attachment
SA-P Projection Attachment gives the ability to project a controlled beam of light, with three options of the lens (included 85mm)

SA-08 Barndoors are used for precise control of the shape of the projected light.

Framing Shutters
Use SA-07 Framing Shutter blades to form triangles, squares and trapezoids.

By inserting the Gobo into the Projection Attachment slot, different patterns can be projected to form a various background.

Sa-30 Softobox provides soft and even lighting

In package:
3x Godox S30 Light Body
3x Adapter
3x Power Cord
3x Barndoor Set
3x Light Stand
1x 50cm Cable
1x 180cm Cable
1x USB Cable
1x SA-P Projection Attachment
1x SA-01 85mm lens
2x SA-30 Softbox
1x SA-05 Scrim Set
1x SA-07 Framing Shutter
1x SA-09 Gobo Set and Gobo Holder
3x Battery Pack
3x Battery Charger
1x SA-11C, SA11T Color filters
1x CB14 Carrying Bag for Light Stand
1x CB15 Carry Bag for S30 Kit

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