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Godox DP1000III Professional Studio Flash


غير متوفر في المخزون

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غير متوفر في المخزون


Godox DP1000III Professional Studio Flash

DP1000 III

Together with the built-in System X receiver, the improved version of the DP1000 lamp ensures faster charging power is variable from 1/64 to full power, while the DP1000III’s 150W modeling can be set to a percentage or proportional to the flash power to allow you to accurately preview your final shot.



Lamp can be used with a wide range of light modifiers, such as: dishes, softboxes, beauty-dishes, and other types of accessories equipped with Bowens mounts. DP1000 is great for wedding, fashion, portrait and product photography.


Godox System X

The built-in 2.4 GHz wireless System X with the help of the division into 16 groups (0-9, A-F) and 32 channels facilitates the creative use of multiple light sources. Additionally, 99 wireless ID settings (01-99) to limit interference from other nearby systems.



The flash maintains a stable flash output and color temperature. It has 61 levels of power regulation (1/1 – 1/64) and ensures short charging times (at full power – 1s.)


Simple operations

DP1000 has a clear LCD screen, and the operation of parameters and functions is safe and fast. Additionally, flash auto recovers the adjusted settings after a restart.


In package:

Godox DP1000III Flash
Power Cable
Flash tube Cover
Modeling light Bulb 

Weight 3.5 kg

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