Godox AD-H600B Flash Head Portable Off-Camera Light Lamp for Godox Witstro AD600B AD600BM – Bowens Mount


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  • Godox AD-H600B
  • 600W Bowens Mount Flash Head, especially design for Godox AD600B TTL Flash and AD600BM Manual Flash
  • Off-Camera Flash Light Lamp Head, it allows you hold the flash head on hand without to bear to much weight of the AD600B/AD600BM Flash
  • Ideal choose for outdoor photography and studio photography
  • Support other bowens mount AD600/AD600M Flash Accessories

2,000.00 EGP

1 in stock

Godox AD-H600B

Flash Head Portable Off-Camera Light Lamp for Godox Witstro AD600B AD600BM – Bowens Mount

Why AD-H600B Flash Light Lamp Head is a must for your Godox AD600B AD600BM Flash?
You may get idea about the AD600B/AD600BM Flash Light is HEAVY WEIGHT, it doesn’t convenient for portable outdoor photography or mount on a tripod directly.
The Heavy Weight Flash also always makes you get worried out the expensive flash drops when you mount it on a light stand tripod Now, Godox AD-H600B Flash Light Lamp Head allows you connect the AD600B/AD600BM Flash Head and body separately, and enjoy the AD600B/AD600BM Flash all features on the body which hold on a shoulder pocket bag

Godox AD-H600B Flash Head Portable

The Godox AD-H600B Flash Head Extension,
Remote flash head, fits Godox AD600B and BM models. This does not fit the AD600Pro.
The Godox AD-H600B features a Bowens mount and provides 600Ws of portable lightweight power.
The remote H600B head connects to the Godox Witstro AD600 via a long lead which then plugs straight into the flash tube mount on the flash head, effectively acting as 2.4-meter extension lead between the AD600B body, and the flash head. Measuring in at 25x15x13cm and weighing just 1.3kg, making outdoor photography so much easier and lighter.

Please note that the flash head and reflector are not included, and are shown for illustration only.

Plugs straight into a Godox Witstro AD600B or AD600BM
Directs up to 600Ws of power into a lightweight flash unit
Weighs just 1.3kg
Wear the AD600b or bm with the optional portable bag, allowing lightweight power to go anywhere with you
240cm long lead, making it suitable for use with our 3.6m Pneumatic Light Stands
Can be used with any Lencarta light shaper
Easily change the angle of the head
Standard spigot mount for most light stands

Weight 2 kg
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