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Godox A1 Smartphone Flash


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  • Godox A1 Smartphone Flash
  • Godox A1 Flash Has Auto Mode and Manual Power Mode, You can Easily Achieve a Correct Flash Exposure Even in Complex Light-Changing Environments
    2.5s Recycle Time, 700 Full Power Flashes.
  • 5 Steps of Power Output from 1/1 to 1/16, Stable Color Temperature at 6000±200K Over the Entire Power Range.
  • A1 Flash can Serve as a Transmitter to Control other Flashes, Wirelessly Adjusting Flash Power Level and Trigger the Flash Through Godox X1 Flash Trigger. A1 Flash also Has 2.5mm Sync Cord Jack Achieve Various Sync Triggering Mode.
  • A1 Flash can Synchronise with An iPhone via Bluetooth within 50 Meters. The GodoxPhotos APP Lets you Adjusting the Power Levels of 3 Groups of Flashes, or Colour Temperature of 3 Groups of Godox Bi-Colour LED Video Lamps.
  • OLED Panel Offers Clear and Convenient Operation. Take only 1 Hour(Approx. 55 Minutes) to Fully Charge the Built- in Battery by Charging through the Type-C USB Port


Godox A1

Smartphone Flash

Shine a light while you shoot with the Godox A1 Wireless Flash for Smartphones. This compact flash unit is compatible with iOS and can be used to illuminate smartphone photos or to wirelessly synchronize professional flash units using a smartphone with the free GodoxPhoto app. It features five power settings, from 1/1 to 1/16, enabling you to use up to 8W of power and produce an approximately 6000K flash.

The A1 operates on both the 2.4 GHz and 433 MHz wireless frequencies, with a variety of channels available for both master and slave functionality. Its 1000mAh battery recharges via the included USB Type-C cable and can produce up to 700 full-power flashes on a charge with a 2.5-second recycle time.

General Features

As social networking development and smartphones become more popular, phone shooting is used more and more in peoples’ daily lives. However, smartphones cannot sync with professional flashes. To solve this problem, Godox has designed a product that lets smartphones sync with professional flashes – the Godox A1.
Enable your smartphone to have its own professional flash. Shoot with one flash, multiple flashes, use the Godox X system to sync your phone with professional flashes, use your phone to adjust parameters of Godox photo equipment (flashes and LED lights), and use it as a camera hot shoe trigger via A1’s specialized accessories.
iPhone users can download and install the app by searching “GodoxPhoto” in the App Store.



Almost a year later than originally scheduled, Godox has finally released an Android app for the Godox A1 mobile flash trigger. The A1 was launched in August last year. Originally it came with just an iOS app, and an Android app was to come in September 2017. Well, only 2 days away from August 2018, the Godox A1 finally works with Android.

There’s also a new firmware available for the Godox A1 to go along with it. But, there’s a catch. It only works on select Huawei and Samsung phones. Or at least, you only get complete functionality with some phones. Let me explain.

There are two basic ways in which you can use the app.

  1. As a controller for your lights when using your “real camera”. You set your power levels and adjust your lights using the app, and then the Godox XPro or X1T trigger sits on your hotshoe in “App” mode. This tells your lights to fire using whatever settings the A1 has told them to be at.
  2. To allow you to shoot photos with your phone’s camera incorporating flash.
  3. The first in that short list was my primary use for the Godox A1 when I was still using iPhones. But since I switched over to the ASUS ZenFone 4 at the end of last year, I’ve not been able to use my Godox A1 at all. Now, though, with the GodoxPhoto app installed on my new ASUS ZenFone 5, I’m good to go. The app installs just fine and fires my Godox TT600, AD200, AD360II and AD600Pro lights.

I just can’t do that second thing. And it’s that second option is that’s currently limited to specific phones. The devices supported at the moment are…

  • HUAWEI Mate9 Pro
  • HUAWEI mate9
  • HUAWEI p10
  • HUAWEI p10plus
  • SAMSUNG Note 8
  • SAMSUNG s9
  • SAMSUNG s9+

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