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General Parabolic Umbrella 165Cm


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  • Parabolic Umbrella 165Cm
  • 165cm diameter for broad light coverage.
  • Maximizes light efficiency for powerful illumination.
  • Durable design for professional use.
  • Deep parabolic shape offers directional control.

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Parabolic Umbrella 165Cm

The General  Parabolic Umbrella 165Cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella is the ultimate lighting solution for photographers who demand the very best in light shaping and control. Its expansive size and deep, parabolic design allow for precise direction and softening of light, ideal for creating atmospheric portraits and detailed product shots. Key Features: Expansive 165cm Diameter: Offers broad, even light coverage with the ability to fine-tune shadows and highlights for dramatic effect. Silver Reflective Interior: Maximizes light efficiency, producing powerful, directed light that can illuminate your subject with clarity and contrast. High-Quality Construction: Built to endure the demands of professional use, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Unmatched Light Control: The deep parabolic design offers photographers unparalleled control over the light’s direction and quality, enabling creative freedom. Portable and User-Friendly: Despite its large size, this umbrella is designed for easy assembly and portability, suitable for studio and on-location shoots. With the General 165cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella, professional photographers can achieve a new level of lighting precision and excellence, ensuring every shoot captures the envisioned mood and detail.

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