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General F770 Camera Battery For Camera 7.2V


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  • F770 Camera Battery
  • Rechargeable Camera Battery: Lithium-ion, 7.2V, 4400mAh.
  • Compatibility: Fits Sony NP-F770/NP-F750 models.

599 EGP

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F770 Camera Battery

A F770 Camera Battery is a rechargeable power source specifically designed for use in digital cameras or other photographic equipment. It is typically a lithium-ion battery that provides the necessary energy to operate the camera, allowing users to take photos and videos. Camera batteries come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the camera model, and are essential for ensuring that the camera remains operational during photography sessions. Fits.Son.NP-F770/NP-F750 7.2V 4400mAh Use Specified Charger Only

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