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Comica BoomX-D UC1 Ultracompact Digital Wireless Microphone System


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  • Comica BoomX-D UC1
  • For Journalists, Vloggers, YouTubers
  • 1 x Transmitters with Built-In Mic & Lav
  • Ultracompact Dual-Channel Receiver

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1 in stock


Comica BoomX-D UC1 

Comica BoomX-D UC1
Micro Transmitter And Receiver offers a complete ultra-compact solution for recording audio that can be mounted directly to your smartphone android device using the USB-C port. This wireless digital microphone system includes one microphones and one receiver. This system is great for those looking for a compact recording solution, ideal for mobile journalists, videographers.Compatible With Android Device

The Comica BoomX-D UC1 Micro Transmitter And Receiver Kit can be attached to your android smartphone device with a USB Type-C port, this means you can now record audio from the comfort of your phone, making the system even more portable.

2.4GHz Digital Wireless Frequency

Like the RØDE Wireless Go or the Sennheiser XSW-D series, the Comica BoomX-D series uses the 2.4 GHz wireless bandwidth, which means they work globally. The wireless digital transmission ensures stability with automatic adaptive frequency hopping technology. This means that it will find the best frequency to operate on to minimise interruption and interference. As it is optimised for shorter range operation in dense WI-FI environments, reducing signal drops and intrusion, for exceptional clarity and reliability.

Dual Transmitters Triggered By One Receiver

transmit audio of up to two transmitters in just the one receiver in real time, this can be especially useful for interviews or broadcasts where you need to record audio for more than one person, giving an easy solution under one receiver.

Micro Transmitter And Receiver With Easy Status Monitoring

the clear bright TFT LCD display will show the battery status of the transmitter and receiver, and audio dynamic monitoring to show the audio level in real time on the screen. As well as the pairing status and signal strength to monitor and reduce the chance of broken, quite or cut audio.

Internal And External Microphone

the internal and external microphones help to choose the right kind of audio recording based on your needs. Whether you would like to record single audio or multiple audios, for example a room or group, it can be especially useful to have this function with the input modes to get the best mode for you.

Switchable Output Modes (Mono/Stereo)

to record a single or multiple audio at any one time, the switchable modes can easily be controlled and offers great flexibility when recording audio.

BoomX-D UC1 Micro Transmitter And Receiver With Real-Time Audio Monitor

listen to your audio in real time through the 3.5mm connector. Connect your headphones to the BoomX-D system and listing to the audio recording. This can help to ensure you are recording a clear audio without interruption and make sure the microphones are working correctly without malfunction or signal problems.

Broadcasting Quality Audio

The BoomX-D system will record rich details and deliver a high-quality natural sound. With a higher sample rate at 48KHz it guarantees high-definition recreation of the original audio. As well as the 16-Bit depth which increases audio fidelity and provides more natural sound output

RF Technology, Auto Freq. Adjustment, Stable Transmission

perfect for using at shorter ranges in dense WI-FI environments, reducing signal drops and intrusion, for exceptional clarity and reliability. This will find the most suitable frequency and automatically adjust, ensuring a stable transmission.

BoomX-D UC1 Micro Transmitter And Receiver With Low Latency

In order to ensure clear and natural sound, that is fluent and smooth the BoomX has a very low latency of less than 20ms, this is especially useful when matching sound to video to make sure it seems natural, providing professional results.

Working Range Up To 50m – Comica BoomX-D UC1 Kit

record your audio at far ranges of up to 50m or 164ft, ensuring effective transmission for smooth audio without interruption or drops, keeping out of shot if necessary.

BoomX-D UC1 Micro Transmitter And Receiver With Multi-Functional Belt Clip

the compact belt clip means that you can attach this easily to your trousers or belt to ensure it is secure and out of view. This can be important to the quality of recording and not break immersion. It also means that the BoomX system is easily portable and can be forgotten about when recording.

The Comica BoomX-D UC1 transmitter and receiver system is the perfect solution for those looking for a compact system to record audio, this is ideal for mobile journalists, videographers, youtuber and vloggers.

Designed for mobile journalists, videographers, and vloggers, the Comica BoomX-D UC1 is an ultracompact, true wireless digital microphone system with one microphone and a dual-channel receiver that can also be used to receive a second microphone (available separately). It offers a complete solution for recording dialogue, interviews, and speech with one person talking—directly to an Android smartphone or a USB Type-C device.

The ultralightweight BoomX-D UC1 consists of an ultracompact clip-on transmitter with its own built-in omnidirectional microphone and a separate lavalier microphone. It also comes with a tiny receiver that mounts on and plugs directly into the USB Type-C port of your phone. To ensure that you are capturing a clean signal, you can monitor your mic via the receiver’s 3.5mm headphone output while recording.

The system delivers reliable transmission with a clear sound at a distance up to 164′. The transmitter’s built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 5 hours of operation. Versatile and extremely easy to use with simple controls, the BoomX-D UC1 is well suited for content creators of any experience level.

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