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Camelion NP-F550 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (2000mAh)


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  • Camelion NP-F550
  • .4V, 2000mAh capacity
  • Compatible with various Sony cameras
  • No memory effect, flexible charging

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5 in stock


Camelion NP-F550

Camelion L-Series Overview The Camelion NP-F550 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack works with the same cameras as the Sony NP-F550. This replacement battery pack features a capacity of 2000mAh and 7.4V of output power. Small and lightweight, lithium-ion batteries can be charged or discharged at any time without developing memory effects. Compatible Cameras Sony DCR-SD1000 DCR-SR40 DCR-TRV900 DCR-VX2000 DCR-VX2100 DCR-VX2200 DSC-D700 DSC-D770 DSC-F505V DSC-F55V DSC-P1 HDR-AX2000 HDR-FX1 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX7 HVR-HD1000 HVR-V1 HVR-Z1 HVR-Z5 HVR-Z7 HXR-MC1500 HXR-MC2000 HXR-NX5 HXR-NX5R Mavica CD-1000 Mavica FD-100 Mavica FD-200 Mavica FD-71 Mavica FD-73 Mavica FD-75 Mavica FD-81 Mavica FD-83 Mavica FD-85 Mavica FD-87 Mavica FD-88 Mavica FD-90 Mavica FD-91 Mavica FD-92 Mavica FD-95 Mavica FD-97 NEX-EA50 NEX-FS100 NEX-FS700

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