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Camelion NHAA 2500 AA Rechargeable Batteries 1.2v


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  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Rechargeable AA Batteries – Camelion NHAA2500, 1.2V.
  • Compatibility – For cameras and devices.
  • Pack of 2 – Convenient quantity.

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10 in stock


Rechargeable Batteries

Introducing Camelion NHAA2500 AA Rechargeable Batteries, the ultimate power solution for your devices. With advanced rechargeable technology, these batteries provide long-lasting and steady power, capable of delivering over 1500 photo flashes and lasting for approximately 500 charges. Their lower self-discharge rate ensures they retain 85% of their capacity after a year of proper storage and can hold power for up to 2 years.

Experience quick energy recovery for fast frame-rate shooting, with output intervals 10% to 20% faster than standard batteries. These batteries also excel in all-weather conditions, delivering consistent and reliable power even in extreme environments, making them ideal for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking.

With Camelion NHAA2500 AA Rechargeable Batteries, you get performance, reliability, and endurance in every charge.


Camelion NHAA 2500 AA Rechargeable Batteries 1.2v Perfect for high current consuming devices such as photo flash lights, game controllers, drones, radio controlled toys and other high-drain devices.

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