Barndoor with color gels and honeycomb


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Honeycomb with doors and four colour filters
For hair light, effect light and for accentuating
Brings more brilliance into your pictures
Is simply mounted on standard reflector
Suitable for all reflectors with 18cm diameter
For use with stage lighting or flash photography
Pro Studio barn Door, grid and 4 colour gels set…
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Honeycombe

350.00 EGP

1 in stock

These barn Doors offer that extra control needed to guide the light where you want it and with the Gels included you have control on colour as well.
They are made of Metal and are solid.
They will fit on Bowens lighting equipment or any lighting equipment that accepts bowens accessories like the Visico lights.
ALL METAL barndoor with 4 gel filters & honeycomb grid.
Also great for video, theatre, bands & dj lighting
The barndoors allow you to control & shape the light from your flash, continuous or stage lighting.
They mount on to most lights with a flange at the front via a clip in wire and have 2 adjustable rods to ensure the barndoor locks on tight.
The kit also comes with red, blue & yellow gels / filters and a colourless diffuser, all in metal mounts.
These simply slide into the barndoor and can be used in combination to create different colours or effects.
The honeycomb grid makes the light very directional and is used to create harsh dramatic effects.
Fits 18cm Diameter reflectors.

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