Viltrox L132T


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Brand: Viltrox
Model: L132T
Type: LED video light (adjust the brightness and color temperature)
Color Temperature: 3300K-5600K (can be adjusted)
Brightness Range: 20%~100% (can be adjusted)
Max. Brightness / illumination: 1065LM / 835Lux/0.5m
Power: 16.2W
Continue Light Time: 2.2h (100% Full, NP-750)
Color Rendering Index: 95(RA)

800.00 EGP

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  • Using knob button , press it to switch brightness and color temperature .when rotating it , the brightness (20%-100), or color temperature (3300K-5600K) parameters will be increased or decreased .
  • Topest CRI95 cab completely with perfect color of sunlight and ensure that its light is natural lifelike .apply to portrait , children is , wedding and new photography etc.
  • Has two kinds of power supply mode , you can use Lithium battery such as NP-F550/F750/F960 series when outdoor ,and use the AC adapter when indoor . Please NOTE : the LED light doesn’t include battery and AC adapter , if you need , please contact me before you order it .
  • LCD display screen for parameters .
  • The LED Light has get the CE, EMC, FCC, RoHS certification , the quality is assured.
  • it comes with 60-Days return-back guarantee when you received the item but you do not satisfied with our item.
  • For digital SLR cameras and photographic lamp camera, using the new generation of LED light guide lighting technology, more efficient, longer use life; Adopted HD LED display, clear operation information
    More than 95% color rendering index (CRI) makes the picture much nature.

    It adopts the newest LED honeycomb design which is more efficient and durable.
    It has high brightness, nature and soft lights, adjustable color temperature(3300K-5600K).

    The high definition LCD display let the operation interface is clear.
    Brightness Range: 20%~100% (can be adjusted)
    Max. Brightness / illumination: 1065LM / 835Lux/0.5m

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