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Lilliput T5 5 inch touch on-camera monitor

T5 is a portable camera-top monitor specifically for micro-film production and DSLR camera fans, which features 5″ 1920×1080 FullHD native resolution screen with fine picture quality and good color reduction.

The HDMI 2.0 supports 4096×2160 60p/50p/30p/25p and 3840×2160 60p /50p/30p/25p signal input. For the advanced camera auxiliary functions, such like peaking filter, false color and others, all are under professional equipment testing and correction, parameters accurate.

So the touch monitor is compatible with the best output video formats of DSLR on the market.

Lilliput T5 5 inch touch on-camera monitor

Touch On-Camera Monitor with Full HD Resolution, excellent color space. Perfect gear on DSLR for taking photos & making movies.

Calling Out Menu

Swipe the screen panel up or down quickly will summon the menu. Then repeat action to close the menu.

Quick Adjustment

Quickly select the function on or off from the menu, or slide freely to adjust the value.

Zoom In Anywhere

You can slide on the screen panel with two fingers anywhere to enlarge the image, and easy drag it to any position.

Penetratingly Minute

Creatively integrated the 1920×1080 native resolution (441ppi), 1000:1 contrast, and 400cd/m² into a 5 inch LCD panel, which is far beyond from retina identification.

Excellent Color Space

Cover 131% Rec.709 color space, accurately reflect the original colors of an A+ level screen.


When HDR is activated, the display reproduces a greater dynamic range of luminosity, allowing lighter and darker details to be displayed more clearly. Effectively enhancing the overall picture quality. Support ST 2084 300 / ST 2084 1000 / ST2084 10000 / HLG.


3D-LUT is a table for quickly looking up and output specific color data. By loading different 3D-LUT tables, it can quickly recombine color tone to form different color styles. Built-in 3D-LUT, featuring 8 default logs and 6 user logs.Supports loading the .cube file via USB flash disk.

Camera Auxiliary Functions

Provides plenty of auxiliary functions for taking photos and making movies, such as peaking, false color and audio level meter.

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